Thursday, November 19, 2009

My found beauty today


Every morning I seek beauty. In these last days of November it is getting harder to find. But a soul needs this challenge. For me, how this is done, is to be aware of where my eye stops...if only for a brief second. There I know a connection has been made. So I get out the camera and look for what it was that made me still inside.
The skies are grey and bleak this morning,the trees naked. Their glorious garments scattered on the ground beneath them,waiting for their return to the cycle of life.
Not much beauty around today I thought,then I saw the five pumpkins. They looked like they were sitting on a bench waiting for a bus to come along and take them away from this dreariness. A smile broke across my face.
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  1. They chose a beautiful bench to wait on!! Good taste I'd say those pumpkins have!!

  2. That was a beautiful post. Love the pic of the pumpkins waiting for the bus :o)

  3. Once again, I see poems nestled in your post.
    To find what makes you still inside is a beautiful way to express what takes one's breath away.
    These pumpkins on the bench do it for me. I hope to get a painting composed before "this family" catches the next bus or one of your critters takes a tasty morsel.
    P.S. So enjoyed the phone talk this morn. I feel rejuvenated by it!

  4. You definitely do find the beauty :) Your blog is often where I go to find my 'beauty' of the day!

  5. Hi happy I made you happy with my pumpkin bus are you doing?

    Funny..this bus bench picture...I go for the funny most of time...can't help it..but it so good to have you Goldenbird ..who laughs at my jokes are you???? Thanks for stopping by...glad you liked my pumpkin beauty

  6. Bev, go ahead and paint. I had a wonderful time talking to you today,too.
    All the way down Damen ave. I thought of you. Wished you and I were there with our cameras

  7. What a sweet picture! What "a lovely bunch of .....pumpkins!" They are keeping each other company; almost talking to one another.


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