Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blue sky day

steeplesautumn skeletons
hidden bird pantry
beautiful decay
return to earth
end of the line
Joy! autumn sun
photographer spoils photo

This is, I fear, our last day of Indian summer.  I was happy to have a break today to go outside and survey my garden. How sad I am to see it end for another season. Quietness is coming soon. But that is a good thing. But for now, the squirrels are busy raiding the birdfeeders and planting sunflowers seeds that just may sprout next year. The robins are still here. They led me to their secret stash in the back of the yard near the fence...rascals. Would you believe that American Cranberry bush is a volunteer? The white pine that died this year is slowly losing its bark. Soon it will break and maybe a bird or two will make a cavity for nesting. Change, always change. A garden is never the same twice. It took me a VERY long time to accept that fact. Endless years I spent trying to recreate the fabulous garden from the previous year. But a garden is a push and shove kind of thing. Only the strong or aggressive survive. It helps to be planted in the right place, for sure. Sort of like life. That took me a long time to learn that too. Grow Susan grow..right where you are.
Oh, and that large bone.....I found it this year at White Water Canyon in Iowa....someone has chewed a bit on it. I often wonder what the landscaping guys think when they see it. hehhehe
Sorry I stepped in the picture..especially wearing those ugly loafers!


  1. Thank you for another thought provoking post. I read it two times~and will probably read it again. Love the reminder about change. Oh, my that is a hard one! It is so easy to resist!

  2. I'm surprised you still have robins ... haven't seen any around here for months. I love Indian Summer, it feels like something is about to happen, something wonderful. I enjoyed your thoughts on gardens and change ... so true.

  3. Love your idea of the photos of the change of season. And beautiful photos. I love the color of the Autumn Joy, don't you. It's so warm and royal (or something like that). That bone is a riot. A surprise in your garden.

  4. April,So glad you noticed my turn of words on Autumn Joy sedum...Ha!
    Oh Yes,Golden Bird, I am surprised too,about the robins. But they are here. In flocks...My white oak was like an airport the other day...robins lined up waiting to land in the birdbath...which was covered in oak leaves..but it didin't stop them from tanking up....
    Dogwood, it is all about change and making the best of fact in trying to repeat last year's garden I failed to have even a good garden...Let go Let live..enjoy Do the work and then stand back and see this's really all we have isn't it?

  5. Aren't indian summers wonderful? This has been the most beautiful November I can remember!

    The only sad thing is, I am at work right now locked up in my office, and these pictures make me want to go for a walk outside!

    In fact.. maybe I will :)


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