Friday, November 20, 2009

I just thought this was so pretty


No deep message here...only a pretty picture taken up north of the city. Don't the birds look like leaves?
It's been a long day...goodnight...maybe tomorrow my brain will be working
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  1. OK, that's it! I need to start each day looking for beauty! I have been starting by saying, " Oh shit, another day"!
    You have successfully reajusted my attitude....thank you.
    P.S. I think we should take turns writing chapters about that shoe.
    Can you imagine.......

  2. Yes! I like that too - start each day looking for beauty. How interesting what each person would post. And yes, the birds do look like leaves. You don't even see them at first. They are looking for the warmth of all the leaves that have left.

  3. And the leaves look like finches. Yes, we are all one.
    Like gratitude each day, finding beauty each day. I like that too. I'll be up in Willow Springs today. Put my beauty radar out, open ALL my senses (and heart)!
    And there is beauty in shoes, someone's life, a beautiful life, walked those shoes!!

  4. I think that picture is pretty, too. At first glance I thought the leaves were lights.

  5. Red! Great See beauty everywhere!
    and the shoes I have had to pass up!
    But Bev and I are going out shoe hunting soon!
    April,Actually all i saw were the birds and heard their merry chirping..and they posed for me..don't you just love the blue and yellow?
    Goldenbird...they are got it right the first time!

  6. Yes, love the blue and yellow. This is asking to be a watercolor too!

  7. I see yellow leaves and thre sweet little birds in the branches.

  8. Dogwood I'll bet it was Rocky who spotted the 3 birds

  9. I love this picture. With the stairs in the background and the pretty blue trim then the yellow leaves. Lovely.


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