Thursday, November 12, 2009

Feel the season moving?


The hip hurts,the knees complain,the back takes a bit before it straightens out in the morning....and I workout! I guess I can no more stop the aging process then I can stop the season from moving on into winter. Oh yes, it will be autumn for awhile yet, but those chilly morning temperatures are whispering old man winter's name. And I think this year he'll arrive looking more like Vincent Price than Johnny Depp.
So even though it takes an act of God sometimes to rise out of bed,I do with a grateful heart. wonderful to have another day to love. No one has promised me tomorrow...this is it...not even today...only now, only this moment. So I see how important what comes out of my mouth is...I see that what I do is important, maybe not to the world, or the country, or my town, but to my family and to those who I have drawn into love's circle.
This morning I looked for beauty while walking in my yard in the chilly air. Frost glazed the faces of all the plants that had held onto to this bit of Indian summer, now only to get the final curtain call. A new play is rehearsing and a new set design is being built. But still there is beauty. How wonderful our God is to reveal his majesty this way....all you have to do is be there...
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  1. Thank you lovely lady for the lovely words. Each day is such a precious gift...

  2. "All you have to do is be there"...thank you, Suz, for these subtle and beautiful reminders.


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