Monday, November 9, 2009

Today's shoe

This one I almost drove up on the median strip for. I slowed down just enough to take a picture of this little shoe. The guy behind me beeped, so I couldn't get another....then my battery went dead. But actually I think it captures what I felt when I saw it.

Enough of that. I know I bore you with my ramblings....but I'm made up of my mind...won't shut down...always soaking in....everything on an emotional level. I guess that's what makes me tick.

I've been working on my outline and it's coming along. It keeps changing. I hope I'll know when it is what it should be. Then the real writing starts.

My daughter spent the night in the hospital, released this morning with instructions to stay in bed. Hopefully little guy can stay in the dark comfort of the womb for awhile yet.

The Laguna Beach sweeties are coming in Wednesday. I can't wait to see them. She'll be 3 in Dec and He is 18 months. They're fighting now with each other....this should be fun. I better have lots of books and paper ready!

Back to the picture:
I've known many little girls in my life whose shoe this could have been. They wore shoes like this one: Old, worn, dirty, broken.
The only thing that wasn't a metaphor for their lives was the word --old.
They were children.
I think I will draw this shoe...'cause it's drawing me.
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  1. such a sweet tattered shoe. only a die-hard blogger would get honked at just to take a photo of an old shoe! LOL. You're so cute!

  2. The shoe pic was worth the honk, Its delightful.

    Best wishes for your daughter.

  3. Love that pic of the old worn shoe. It is full of stories, isn't it? I hope your daughter and the little one are okay. Have fun with the Laguna Beach sweeties, they sound like a handful (in a fun way)!

  4. Another great photo. Yes, this has to show up in your story. And yes, thinking of your daughter and also of the excitement coming in for a visit. Oh Grandma!

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog, and I just love your take on the simple things...the shoe, the red arrow..just lovely.

  6. Thank you C.L.Smith for your kind comments. Glad you didn't hurt yourself stumbling onto my blog..hehe
    Please come by again
    Now I will visit you
    Yes, the shoe...I think I am goinf to write stories based on my shoe collection of photos...I see them everywhere...great material for the brain to find a story in them

  7. You really captured alot in that picture. I love it. It makes me feel sad though. I don't know why. I'm just like you,voices in my head that just keep going. Its funny because I came over here to tell you where I've been and to tell you that I posted another one. But the funny part is that the name of this one is "voices". It does make us tick or slow down. I will also say some prayers for your daughter. My daughter went into labor 8 weeks early and the baby went through alot but I call him our little miracle. He just turned one three months ago.Lots and lots of prayers and all God!

  8. What a great photo and thoughts behind it. I hope your daughter is doing better!

  9. I love you all my fellow bloggers
    And Buffy I think what we have is a gift
    Delightful Dwelling....thanks it means a lot to me
    I will be spending the day with my daughter...she says she needs me
    ...I'll take my never know what I'll "see" that end of the city

  10. Oh my...what if that shoe could talk! My, my I wonder what we would hear. Hopefully, happiness. A shoe well worn with lots of love. Let's hope.

    Sweet dreams.

  11. Dogwood,I like optimist
    yes, let's hope

  12. You took this whilst driving? Thats wild! Dedication, I always think 'should take a photo of that' but never reach for my camera fast enough and then the moments over!

  13. Oh the shos I could have captured if I was willing to die...KIDDING


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