Thursday, November 5, 2009

Everywhere shoes

I took this photo last week on my way to Pilates....hmmm....I think I see a pattern here..... so much happens on my way to Pilates. Well, anyway, I was stopped at a light and glanced over and saw this shoe.
Whose shoe? How did he loose it? Does he know? Or did his signif other throw it out the window? Stories everywhere. And would you believe from that day forward I have seen shoes everywhere....on high wires, on a fire a tree! I'm sure I will see more and I know you will now too. I saw four shoes all along Harlem Avenue on the medium strip.........5 blocks apart......what's that story? The best one was a formally 3inch heel red pump......heel gone! mind has been racing ever since I spotted this first men's black tie shoe in the gutter. And the frustrating thing is they are where I can't stop and take a photo....unless I go out at daybreak
See what happens when you prime the get storyitis.
Let me tell you about something that happened to me this morning on my way not Pilates. I saw a young Mexican woman walking along a narrow strip of grass along a busy street holding a bright pink bundle of blankets....a baby....behind her was a little tiny girl about 3. The mother was walking briskly grasping the baby to her chest with both arms...the little girl was struggling to keep up. My mind raced about what I should do? The traffic was heavy and I was forced to go on with no turn around for about two blocks. I watched her in my mirrors until I couldn't see her anymore. I am still haunted....what was her story?
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  1. The shoe thing is very weird. I just wrote a new post on my blog and thought I would have a quick look at yours before logging off. Anyway read my post and you will know what I mean about the shoe thing ... spooky really

  2. It's downright spooky how you and Uta are both concentrating on shoes right now!!

  3. Oh my are right! uta I promise to get the photos for you...the firehydrant one almost caused me to rear end the guy in front of me.....but I couldn't get back to take the picture....
    Who knew shoes could hold so much story!

  4. It's so true! I often see shoes along the road and wonder how they got there. I think there's even an urban myth about such shoes--something about it's a way of honoring a person after death (with teens). I'll have to shoot over and read Uta's blog now....

  5. And usually it's only one shoe, which makes it more mysterious. Interesting how the visual prompts in life make us question and ponder and call to the writing muse to unleash some of that energy.
    I went to Uta's blog about painting high heels and thought of your gorgeous high heels, Suz.And then I remembered my mom's hundreds of high heels she owned. As a kid, I was awed. I'm sure on a conscious and/or subconscious level we inspire each other and stir up our own personal memories. Ah, the wonder of blogs!

  6. You are dead on Bev! It is only one shoe,usually. ANd I never knew about the honoring of the dead with leaving a material.
    I was actually going to take note of how many were left and how many were right shoes....what do you there anything to this happening....
    Life begins at Blog

  7. Oddd~that one shoe on the curb. It look like a brand new shoe! I see lots of sneakers hanging from telephone wires...especially on Mondays!!!

    My sissy stayed in what was a nice hotel one time and found a pair of fancy, red, silk slippers under the bed! Now, please do not ask me why she was down on her hand and knees looking under the bed...

    I also wonder about strangers that I see and about their lives.

  8. I know you wanted to get that 3" red pump! And sounds disturbing about the lady with the pink blanket and the little one. Gosh.

  9. Ha Ha I was wondering about your sister...that's too funny!
    Did dhe get a photo...only kidding

    And April....I did give it a second look....


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