Thursday, November 12, 2009

The End of The Line

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I am new to photo taking, but have rather enjoyed the creativity. The camera is another outlet for saying something, only without saying a single word. This month at there is a November Picture photo contest. The subject: The End of The Line. The guest judge is Joshua McCullough.
I know my entry will seem at odds with the theme "line." But look closely, see the lines of the fallen feathers,the line of the stem of the Tulip Tree,the line of the single leaf stem of the Horsechestnut,and finally the lines of the mosaic tile in the birdbath that lead to the center,the center that holds fallen leaves under the thin layer of frozen water,in a bowl..a circle that symbloizes the eternal line.

All of this represents what happens in November,what has to happen,but also a reminder that life is a cycle.


  1. You could have fooled me that you were new at taking photos! Wow, you are a natural and I have been really loving your nature photos. Lovely, beautiful.

    I think Rocky does know how to read and that is what he does while we sleep!

  2. i like it i really like this one...great entry.

  3. This really is a very lovely composition. So glad I stopped by.

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  5. Thank you Dogwood,Marmee and Healing Magic Hands
    My heart beats a little happpier that you like my photos
    It was blogging that got me to pick up a camera. I find that it is like writing and painting..I hope you enjoy the ones posted later, that I rejected as entrants...but I had so much fun looking for an interpretation of "the end of the line" the writer in me thinking and thinking and thinking...ah....another pair of new eyes

  6. I like the composition of your photo, with the leaf and the feather looking almost like leaves falling off the stem. The brown and yellow leaves also speak to the end of the growing season.

  7. It is...I'm sad to see the growing season go.but have you found that for a gardener, the change of season is the very best for our spirits...anticipation and stillness


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