Friday, November 6, 2009

I fill my house with wonder

I didn't mean to post that picture, oh well, must be meant to say something about it. A few years back, fairies were all the rage,along with quilts and crock jars. They were overexposed in the home decorating market. Now they are on the discount table. Why should I let the decorating market dictate what's in and what's out. I have in my heart the wonder of a child. I live in possiblilites..I create my own magic. These (there are more then in this picture) little copper fairies peek out from flower pots in my home. They hold the moon or a star. I have had them for about 10 years now and I never give them a glance that they don't seem to skip about and take care of the wonder in my home.
I wish I could write more about wonder, but I am needed by my daughter. She has preeclampsia and is ordered to bed rest. "Mom, can you come?"
So I am headed up north to Cub country....


  1. I hope everything goes well! I had that too (20 yrs. ago). All that bed rest is no fun!! But it's worth it!!

  2. I always feel that wonder of a child in the words you write here on your posts. That fairy is neat, it almost looks like shadow puppets (the face and moon) against a wall! Whatever it takes to keep that joyful spirit alive and well, go for it. And your daughter's spirit will feel joy when she sees you too, I bet!

  3. Fairies have been around forever and they always will be of course! And hope all is well with your daughter today!

  4. Thanks April....she's on bedrest...hard for a typo A
    Maybe baby will come sooner then Dec 20


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