Sunday, November 8, 2009

Morning Light

We were up early this morning. Fed Handsome...for those who are new to this blog..that's not my husband I'm referring to, but rather a loveable old rascal of a ferral cat that I have been feeding for YEARS. He waits by the door for chicken most mornings. This morning when I opened the door to put out his bowl, I was joyed by the light of early morning. A gift! How many will sleep through it...only a few hours and it is waits for none but, is there for everyone. It is a different kind of light... Like a spiritual light that wakens everything.. the dew on the grass,leaves and deck. It is at a slant casting shadows like messengers. I guess I'll have to say this morning it was heart ache light. The squirrel,Kid,who lives up in my Alder tree,was non too happy about me walking around his haunts. He chattered furiously at me all the time I was out there taking pictures. I got a few of he scurried up to his nest.
I lived this morning in the light of the new day....Joy!

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