Sunday, November 22, 2009

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My daughter thinks I'm obsessed with her fence. I am. I just love those little blue berries and the golden leaf against the gray weathered wood. Along with the berries are sweet autumn clematis. It looks like snow on her fence when it is blooming. I wasn't into taking pictures when it was blooming its head off.. Oh well,next year.
Next year. It rolls off my tongue as if I knew. But none of us knows. I can pray that it is so. I had this conversation with my mom this week. We should cherish the times we are together and love every moment of it and make more is so very fragile and yet so rugged. We are all survivors. Just think,we all are descendents of people who have survived from the beginning. If it weren't so, we wouldn't be here now.
Survivors...tough,rugged stuff we are. How often do we see ourselves that way?
But for now, I can take a picture of what I missed and take joy in the beauty of the withered leaf and berry and cheer the old fence for holding them up yet another year....doing so with no promise of tomorrow.


  1. Just love the colors of nature. The simple things are the things to enjoy, aren't they. Keeps us calm and centered.

  2. How often do we just rush by...
    and boy do I need calm


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