Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Other Seat


I will not explain any further then to say that there was a sign on the door. The room was so beautiful with the mosaic tiles curving up the wall like a baseboard. And who could resist the woven french chair? Everywhere-beauty.
Beauty if you only we will see it. I thought of my artist friends when I was there and couldn't resist taking a picture. So somebody better draw or paint it. I'm busy writing. How about a volunteer? Someone could collage it, don't you think?
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  1. Lovely chair and ohmygosh...that mosaic floor is wonderful. It will be a while before I will advance to being able to either draw, paint or collage that picture. But, thanks for asking!

  2. It is me again.

    You asked and I am delighted to tell you about THANKSMAS. Teresa is my daughter and that was her comment on my blog. She and her husband live in the Sierra Mountains by Lake Tahoe. Thanksmas started for us about eight years ago. Before Thankmas, my daughter, her husband and My Guy would get together for Thanksgiving and then due to busy schedules (my daughter is a nurse in the ER in Truckee, her husband used to work for the fire dept but now retired and My Guy is a professional tuba player) we would mail Christmas gifts to each other. Then, one day my daughter and I decided that was really stupid because most of the fun was being together to open gifts and celebrate to Holidays so we started our new tradition of Thanksmas. We have traditional Thanksgiving on Thursday; and, then we decorate a little for Christmas Friday morning. We take a hike during the day on Friday and in the evening share Christmas together. It is so much fun. Soooo much fun!!!! It works great for us. In fact, our Thanksmas tradition was written up in the local paper one year. Thanks for asking about Thanksmas.

    I am so glad we are blogging friends. Oh, yea and My Guy is from Illinois! He is a good solid mid-west guy!

    We do not see my son, his wife and grandchildren in December.
    Usually we save those visits for the Spring and Fall.

  3. I love your Thankmas! Such a solution for us families who have to pick one holiday to share with each other...not both...because of various family connections or distance. I like the renaming ....kind of a new ritual! Tuba guy? fantastic! What a family you have .,and that cute kitty...much to be thankmas for
    I wish I could have captured the multiple colors of that mosaic was stunning..and I have never seen tile go up a curved wall like was all so nice for a b a t h r o o m..there I said it...bathroom heheh Now everybody knows I took my camera into the bathroom
    love blogging with you.. new found friend

  4. Oooo...I like this. Will put it on my list of things to do. And yes, what a nice story about Thankmas!

  5. Oh, and that's so funny - "The Other Seat"!

  6. Finally!!!!!! SOmeone got it!


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