Sunday, November 1, 2009

Baby Shower Today

He's due on the 20th of December, but he gets lots of presents today. My daughter has already informed pictures of her gigantic belly! Oh foo..where's the fun? But she has claws and fangs, so I will obey. I am just happy to see the girls together along with my mom in one place. Life gets so busy. My mom made a baby quilt for her....she's been squalking about all those little pieces for it's done and it's gorgeous! Maybe I can sneak a picture or two of the room ;)  I'll  get a shot of the quilt, don't you worry.
Now what do I wear?


  1. showers are so fun!!! Congrats to your daughter (and to you, of course!) Hope you have a great time!

  2. A little one on the way ... how exciting. That baby shower looks fantastic. The quilt is adorable, and I can't believe that cake! Looking forward to seeing pics of the Christmas baby.

  3. It is getting exciting for my daughter
    Me...I see my help needed this Christmas!


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