Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How does one enter?

How does one enter a life that they love? I think most of it is attitude. There must be an inner shift in attitude. Joy must consume ever molecule of your heart. Without joy there is no joy. But rather a miserable life of want,bitterness,envy,jealousy,covetousness,pettiness,and dread. A life lived so small is a life lived small. Say yes to life,look for beauty everywhere,it's there. Bless your life right where you are today,make a list of what is wrong and what you desire in your life,then take action....seize your own power...and get it into your life. Gather people into your life that move it forward...get rid of those who keep you from this inner shift...all of them. Notice if you wallow,if you stir your pity pot. Notice how much you speak negativley about your circumstances. Notice how much you stop yourself from living a better, happier life because you so often say "no" to it. Stop living in want and blame,but rather live as if everything you do is an act of worship....it is. Bless your life with gratitude,a happy heart,a more positive choice of words coming out of your mouth, especially toward your life and your circumstances. Love your family but have friends. They are your lifeline when this innershift is frightening and uncomfortable. They are the ones you trust with your doubt, they are the ones who listen without judging,they are our sounding boards. Have only in your life things that are beautiful to you,down to the tiniest detail,eat to nourish your body,move your body,take care of your personal appearance...it does after all tell the world a heap about what you think of yourself.
I can show someone the doorknob,reassure them that good things await on the other side,but the one thing I am forbidden to do,have no power to make anyone do, is to turn the knob and enter. That, they have to make the choice... to do themselves.
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  1. Powerful and such true words. I say YES to life each day and try to live in the positive. I love your blog. I will love to be able to knock on your door and come in for a visit.

  2. Anytime Dogwood,,,but you have to bring the kitty!

    Elena...no it isn't
    but why should that stop someone?

  3. Suz, Thank you for your visit to my site. Your words ring true for me...I believe the hardest job is to stay in an unrewarding life...that takes strength I no longer have...turning the knob, entering is always rewarded with support and love and sometimes small fireworks display!

  4. Blue, I knew we were kindred spirits. Now tell me, why is it so hard for so many to take hold of the knob and turn,and enter a life that they love?


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