Saturday, November 28, 2009

I've missed being here. Once in a while I took a few quick peeks at what you were all doing. Sounds like everyone has had a pretty good feast day of thanks. Mine ended up being pretty nice,changing locations a few finally settled down at my 'soon-to-be-a-mother'daughter's house. If all goes as planned the little guy should be born (induced) on Dec. 2. I believe that is the full moon. Ah..I will have to look into that.
Today I spent the day hauling out the Christmas decorations and putting up the tree. A bitter sweet endeavor. I can see my life in those decorations.
Maybe now, that this is finished, I can get back to thinking again...until Dec 2...then who knows what or where I'll be.
My camera thinks I have abandoned it. I was able to take this one photo of an interesting old victorian near my daughter's home. The area she lives in was once quite beautiful with grand old homes. Now, the big lots all have been subdivided long ago and homes have been stuck between most of them. But if you take a long hard look you can still see what once was, in a few of them.
Doesn't matter really, even if the homes remained intact, those lifestyles are gone. Grand is in.
Right about now,I'm ready for some rehab myself.
Since lists seem to be the thing, going around on blogs, here's mine...
This week I:
will put on makeup
wear real shoes
not wear an apron
refuse anything that sounds like turkey
not eat another sweet thing
take an hour walk at least once
take my camera on an outing
let my brain free
spend some time in stillness
drop off a bag or two to AMVETS
maybe read something besides Fitness and Yoga
write a poem
watch The Banger Sisters
be of self for a whole day
and stay in pray that all goes well for my daughter


  1. Missed you too. Your list sounds like how I will feel tomorrow. Or maybe next week, I guess. An exciting time, Sue, with that new baby coming! God bless.

  2. Just wanted to let you know that you have been missed. I really do enjoy reading your blog! Love your list of things to do this week. Great! Wow, keep us posted on the new baby. That is so exciting!

  3. How exiciting and yet nerve-wracking. I feel bad for anybody born from the end of November to the middle of January. Their birthdays often get lost in the shuffle. But on the upside, they do have those cute hospital photos in the Santa hats.

  4. You honor me with your missing of me!
    I only try to tell the truth in me
    Mr. McGregor's birthday is in December, my granddaughter's birthday, the day before brother's the same day as mine,my anniversary December....Iknow I know I know....but we keep it simple and humble and always celebrate Christmas in the true spirit... all by itself
    Thanks so much for stopping by


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