Saturday, November 28, 2009

Old city house

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  1. Well, I could easily live in that precious Victorian house! Love the picket fence and upstair windows! My Guy and I took a walk in the old part of Grass Valley yesterday and had fun looking at all the lovely old Victorians from olden days. Some are fixed up really nice. Some are rental and getting run down. And, sadly others are leaning and ready to collapse. The stories those old houses could tell. Oh, my!!!

  2. Oh Dogwood, I know what you mean. These old gals have seen better days. Hopefully the new owners will leave something in tack that hints at their former glory. But if nothing is done..they'll just wear out...
    My daughter's house is over 100 years old When she bought it things had already been altered, but it is still a nice old big house....with a big screen TV (curses)


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