Saturday, November 7, 2009

A former addiction

I still love these little pieces of the past. My grandmother had them all over. I never got any of hers so I think whenever I saw one, it was like looking at hers. My mom had a few,too. For a few years back in the '80's I collected many things...must have been the "country" influence. Those items of country spoke straight to my heart and to the heart of the home. Too bad it became so over done and so commercial....too much ice cream and you don't want to have another bowl ever. But these dollies are cherished,among other things I collected like bowls,salt and pepper shakers with stripes,stripe glasses and pitchers,tea pots,old crocks,enamelware (I'm sick,aren't I?)
The potholders I love the best, are the cute
The pitcher and creamer and ears of corn are cute too.
I plan to have them framed for my laundry room. Any suggestions? Two frames, or more? Gold frames or black frames? My laundry room is Navajo white (how original)
So today I share with you a little about me and what makes me tick.
..oh, I love clocks too..but you know that already


  1. What a wonderful idea to have those little treasures framed for your laundry room. You must have a huge laundry room with lots of wall space because you collection is huge! Your local frame shop can help you with the sizes of frame but I think I would do a couple of big ones and then a few smaller ones for variety and interest.

    Have a fabulous weekend.

  2. It is a pretty good size room...long and narrow though. I think you may be right...two big a few smaller.

  3. And I would go with black frames. I have a couple my grandmother made. I love them too.


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