Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Autumnal equinox

The Old Couple's Walk

Under a canopy of yellow maple leaves
translucent in the bright autumn sun
they stroll on a gravel path
No destination,only desire
to take in the beauty as it wanes
to breathe crisp air
to hold each other's hand
as they walk toward winter.
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  1. Hi Suz,
    Love the image and the words. Great marriage of mediums.Haven't seen those gorgeous orange leaves yet. Soon!

    The writing in orange is a nice Fall touch. Especially love:

    "as they walk toward winter".
    Great ending with much personal impact for me anyway.

  2. Hi Bev, thanks for stopping by...the image is not mine...that friend of mine"s pics...I just stumbled onto the colored script....I could have blown it all...but I took a leap!
    It stinks that I have to post my "eeh" poetry....not the good stuff...it would be considered published..even on your own blog...Then I couldn't submit it for publishing....at least that is what I've been told....so thanks...I'm glad you liked it

  3. Your poem is beautiful. So melancholy. And this beautiful time of the year - love those leaves.

  4. Interesting that you think this poetry is eeh, I can only imagine what your "good" poetry is like. I suppose you can post the poetry here and delete it once you decide to go the publish route? Just curious for my own future reference.


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