Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Guilty,your Honor,guilty.
A picture of Handsome from the winter.
He couldn't wait for me to get up...Men!
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  1. Oh my goodness, he does look guilty!!

    By the way, I saw your note about posting comments to my blog. Sometimes I have that problem with some blogs and realize I haven't entered the security code it asks for. Could this be the problem?

  2. Maybe Do you mean that wavy word?

  3. Oh, yeah, that's the technical term

  4. Wavy word sounds good-and yes. But I did receive your post about my trees. Thanks, you are too kind.

  5. Oh, he is really such a sweet looking cat....Suz, I bet he works you over something awful,with those sad, pleading eyes.....he'd have me hooked in a second. I'm a big sucker like that for animals.....they just walk all over me. :)


  6. Annie....did you see the feathers...including the ones hanging from his whiskers! Bad Kitty

  7. "Guilty"! That is a perfect name for that photo! What a scamp!


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