Monday, September 28, 2009

Night Leaving

 I found myself fooling around with an old drawing I discovered from years ago. Not having much to censor me early this morning...and Leonard Cohen on in the background..I splashed paint on it..and low and actually looked like something to night leaving...kinda of spooky...yet a storm! Maybe that's what worked its way out of me...last night's storm!  I was going to go darker with the paint...but I stopped myself in the nick of time...DONE!
Isn't it a thrill when you can thrill yourself!
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  1. Ok at the risk of sounding totally self-absorbed and thinking everything is about me....this beautiful painting reminds me of where I am in life right now. It speaks to me as such: a metamorphasis - no longer the person I was but not quite the person I am destined to be. I 'feel' I'm a vibrant color person and in this stage I'm starting to develop. Oh I just really like it!

  2. So are you saying you're spooky?!??! hahahahah! really looks a mess..but I like it too don't know why..but I do...
    If you're not concerned with self..who will be? Oh Elena if only you knew the old would be shocked...I am the same...but oh so different
    and it wasn't an easy road...but a joyous one too as I unveiled to myself who I was and what liked and what I wanted in my to are on the road....I'll be there to welcome you on the other side
    water's fine

  3. Beautiful transformational image.Reminds me of Fall's transistion. So dreamy, love that it lacks details, esp. the face. How did you get that paint effect kind of dripping and going here and there? Very cool!
    I feel her walking right into my computer screen as I gaze at her. I could see you writing a poem about her (you?)
    I don't throw away my old paintings because I feel there's more to uncover. An image from an image.
    This is my favoritist (Bev's new word) image from you yet!
    P.S. Love your words to Elena, beautiful!


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