Friday, September 25, 2009

Isn't it a beauty?

Too bad this picture was taken last year...yep...that's right..last Fall. I still haven't been on it. What will it take to get me out of my comfort zone...of not thinking I can't ride a bike anymore...would look silly in one of those helmets (it would mess my coif!)..afraid to ride alone on the bike path? I don't know. But I am thinking about it. Thinking about what is it that is truly stopping me. It's not the bike.
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  1. Where did you find that beautiful normal bike!

  2. My good friend Mary snatched it up for me from her neighbor who bought it and rode it once! This is the picture she sent me to ask if I wanted it....Did you see the bell?

  3. I feel you need to get out of your thoughts and hop on and let the wind whistle through you. Good awareness that there is something else stopping you. Bike looks like it needs a companion.

  4. Oh just go. Don't talk yourself out of it. It's a beauty.


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