Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Old Glory Kind of Day

No matter how many times I see it, I get goosebumps seeing it wave.
Yesterday, a day spent cheering on the Police-Fireman vs The Blackhawks.
Of course the Police/Fire whipped the guys in "skates". Would you believe this softball
game went 9 innings! The last three innnings they let the kids run the bases..it was so much fun.
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  1. Hi Suz

    Sorry I am commenting up here about your painting, but i couldn't get the comment box to open on that link........

    I love your painting! You are really talented. I thought that was a photograph at first!

    I can draw, but when i comes to adding watercolor to the drawing, it's all down-hill from there. I can't seem to get control of the medium......I do enjoy it though....I just splash around in the color.

    But, nice work!


  2. Annie, you haven't a clue..that I have no clue how to paint. I did this by putting brush to paint to paper. It doesn't have that water colory thing going on. But I do like how I actually captured the light I saw coming through the door in such a dark room. How did I do that? I stink at perspective..that holds me back alot...the window is all wrong I think..though that is how it looked to me in the room...everything was crooked in that room..that wonderful magical old log cabin. Thanks for your sweet comments...they made me happy all over :)!!

  3. I really meant it....I thought the painting was wonderful. When I draw, I don't aim for realism.....I interpret it on how I see it...I forget perspective and light and form and so on....all those artistic "rules" stifle me.

    Oh, yes, I am a bunny mamma (I don't know why comment moderation was enabled on that particular post....strange), anyway I am also a doggy mamma and a crazy parakeet mamma. My dog's name is Puppis (like the Puppis constellation), she's a greyhound-saluki mix....she's a big chicken and is terrified of the bunny and bird. The bird who we simply call "S", is a nut...he feeds the stainless steal garbage can (can see his reflection).

    Will have to post pictures of them soon.

    I never know where to respond to comments left on my blog...do I respond on my blog or the person's blog who left the comment. Blogging can get confusing sometimes. :)


  4. We hate rules...stifling. But, in writing, "they say" you have to learn the RULES in order to break them....I never did figure that goobley gook out. Just create...I guess that is why I call myself a Dabbler. If I like it..good enough. I used to have a Toucan...his name was Garfield. I bet he would be no match for "S"...garbage feeder.indeed
    and your dog sounds like a real cutie. And of course, Bunnies...so soft..Maybe someone can tellus where we check for all comment post to our blog...no matter what they are looking at..new posts or archived...I always look for the blue bird

  5. I don't subscribe to creative writing "rules" besides those of grammer, punctuation and sentance structure and spelling (which i stink at)...how can writing be creative if there are rules? To me, rules + creativity = a contradiction. I don't listen to "they" either. I can't work like that...I've tried, my creativity stifles....my characters suffocate. I find that doing research for my book stimulates imagination and ideas for knew scenes too, I love research. I work from my notes and images of my imagination and research. I really have an odd technique but it works for me and my characters leap off the page, they work their way into my dreams and sneak into my everyday thoughts. I live, eat and breathe my story....rules would just kill it.

    There is this one author, who has numerous works of mystery published. Her name is Martha Grimes....it's interesting to note how she works (and she's been published 15 times over). In one novel that she wrote, she didn't even know who the murderer was until she was nearly finished with the manuscript and she doesn't work from an outline either. Also This is what she had to say about plot: "The reason I give to anyone who expresses surprise that I don't know the plot until the book is almost written is: there is no plot until the book is written. "Plot" to MY way of thinking grows out of all the other parts: character, description, atmosphere, dialogue. It can't exist free of them any more than a person can "exist" as skeleton, free of blood, muscle, tissue."

    My point is: that you, me, we don't have to write like "they" tell us to nor even how Ms. Grimes does, but we all must do what works for us....whatever allows us tell our best story, I say do it. Martha Grimes works the best way for her....and if its throwing an outline to the wind...so be it. :)

    I think you have a knack for words...because you have the gift. So keep plugging away, do what works for Suz, what allows you to express your best creative self.

    Now hold a sec while I get off my soap box. Yes, my garbage can-feeding bird would have been a snack for yours....wait did you say a Toucan? Those birds with the exotic beak! Oh, my! How did you get one of those? Do they live long? They must be as smart as the dickens!

    Animals are such a blessing.


  6. I was a newly wed... And one afternoon I was visiting the pet shop in the mall. Well, low and behold,I felt something staring at me. I looked around..nothing. Then I heard metal shaking. I looked up and there, on the TOP SHELF of the store was this poor creature in a tiny cage. He was the most beautiful...although pitiful,looking bird I had ever seen. Mind you, this was 1970. I plunked down $150 for this guy...which we didn't really have. He was the best...we moved to a house soon afterward and he got his own room...with a 15 gal tank to bathe in. He was something. When I had my daughter,3 years later...he was jealous of her. He used to follow me into the kitchen..hopping. My mother freaked out...but, heck, it was my life. Well, we made a decision to donate him to the zoo. They were thrilled to aquire him..in fact they sent him to the SanDIego Zoo for breeding...lucky guy. I have always wondered about what happened to him. Oh well. And in regards to writing. I am with her. I just write and the story writes itself..with a little steering on my part...but not much..those characters are stubborn. I write short stories. Right now I am trying my hand at micro-fiction-300 words....beginning-middle and end! I am only getting better..finally. I have a favorite character that appears in several stories. Her name is Large Marge. She rides a motorcycle. So much fun chatting

  7. You saved his life! Not right for an animal like him to be in a situation like that (or any animal for that fact)....you rescued him.

    Oooh, he was possesive (spelling stinks) over you? I know he lived the "life of Riley" at the zoo, they take such good care of their animals there. I wouldn't be surprised if he's still alive.

    Yes, stories really do right themselves....they seem to have a mind of their own. That sounds like fun, that micro-fiction thing. The more you right, the better you get...it's true. Love it: Large Marge...the biker chic. I bet there is a little bit of you in her....there is a little bit of me in each of my characters.

    Yes, love chatting.



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