Friday, September 18, 2009

Thoughts, After the Naturalist's Talk

I hold an Oxeye Daisy in my hand, picked
from the clearing by the side of the road-
white dots with sunny yellow centers, sprinkled
among the gracefully waving, tall...

"non-native grasses
and invasive white clover."

So too, this flower...

" not wanted in this meadow.
It is the home of the deep yellow
Black Eyed Susan and the lemony colored Coreopsis."

But these daisies are the delicious scent
of summer, and just the dash
to the artist's eye

If they only let grow
what belonged,
I'd have to find a new home.

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  1. I'm glad I stoppped by. That daisy flower image is glorious, did you take it?
    Neat how you took the poem and went back and forth between the naturalist's words and yours. Yet, it all flowed. All my senses come alive as I read this.
    And the last two lines so profound, such impact. A great environmental piece, from the heart. You are very talented, Suz!
    P.S. Can I paint this image?

  2. I absolutely love daisies too. My neighbor next door used to plant them on the side of his house, across from my kitchen window, just for me to look at.

  3. Picture and words are very pretty!


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