Sunday, September 13, 2009

Today was busy with visiting friends. Friends that make me laugh,bless them for that. I am usually the one providing the laughter. SO to tickle my funny bone is quite a feat. My friend was interested in my "discovery journals" ...such a big part of changing my life. Here's the one with the quote from Oprah's magazine..."Begin Again" The other page was a collage of me.
I spent an hour looking through my discovery books...I love the journey through them. Sometimes I just sit and find comfort looking at my progress. The first one I did was truly a discovery journal done according to "Simple Abundance", by Sarah Ban Breathnache. Boy to look at it now...that was started when I was 49 years old. It was the place I started to discover what I liked..what appealed to questions asked.
Then my journals began to change....but I didn't realize that I was changing. I just kept cutting and ripping and pasting...everything that called to censoring.......
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  1. Yay!!! I can leave a comment!!

    Ok, first I was really touched by the true miracle of your 9/11 post. Beautiful and yes we fly our flag. It's the tiniest thing we can do.

    I love love your discovery journal. How do you do it? I like this idea. Is there an instructional book or something? I like the pictures you have on yours. Are they from a particular magazine?

  2. Get a large sketchbook...from Borders.etc..then start putting images and words into it that appeal to you..anything that makes you pause upon censoring...!!! Just rip and paste...anything that grabs you if only for a moment...there is discovery in it....My first book was really not a surprize to me (maybe a little control was going on.I don't know) was filled with animals flowers quilts books children glass things's nice...I really think it is a journey to myself when I go through it...and I do is nice to visit yourself...But the other journals...done after I met my posse AW gals....look out!!!!!!!!
    But it took that labyrynth.. to come home and see by page...
    maybe we can meet sometime and I can show you

  3. I love my discovery journal too. Haven't done that in a while, but it's like collaging. Whenever I go back and look at mine though, too- I yearn to do more. Simple Abundance is such a great read.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have something similar to a discovery book. I am going to try and post something today on my blog. I used to do it while in grade school and high school. Those were damaged in a flood at my mom's. I still have the 2 from college. I used to love to do this. I wonder why I stopped....


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