Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Have you noticed the flowers growing along the roadsides?
Asters in various shades of purple,Goldenrod, Sunflowers,Boneset,Blackeyed Susans,Coneflowers?
We don't have to plant a thing, actually we can't make anything grow. God is the great gardener. We know He loves gardens. We were created in one.
We are all of the lineage of Eden.
And look, the original painter....Would we have thought of Blue Skies,green trees, all the colors in the flowers,that seem to compliment each other in their time of season? Awesome.
Soon He will begin to collage.....look for it....leaves and twigs and acorns and berries.....all layered on the ground before us....add a little rain...and you have magic.
Today, for me, is a day of rememberance. The annual vigil at the Chicago Police Memorial near Soldier Field....where there will be light.....passed along with candles....and names read......Names that He has called home from His book of life.
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  1. Beautiful vibrant photo and thoughts! I'm trying to look at death differently now but the absence of a loved one still hurts...

  2. The flowers look like they are raising their petals heavenward with joy!
    Did you take this photo or paint this or both or none of the above?

    It's an awesome photo which would look glorious blown up to wall size, don't you think?

  3. It is a photo from a friend
    I thought the same thing you did...
    heavenward petals....nice way to put it,Bev


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