Friday, September 11, 2009

Is your flag out... flying today?
This flag flies at my daughter's house.
Her husband was supposed to be there,
the eighty-something floor,I can't remember,don't want to remember.
His meeting was canceled one week before the World Trade Center Towers were attacked by Terrorist.
His was the first call I received that morning. "Mom," he said,"I was supposed to be there. My meeting was canceled."
He is going to be a father,for the first time, in December. None of this would have ever happened...
Weeks later he told us about two other people from that office,in New York,who had been spared,but what, we can only ponder as God's grace. Why? We can never know.
One was delayed by a traffic stop for speeding. Speeding to work.
The other was late because of his love for his daughter. Her curtains had fallen down in her room and she begged him to put them up. He was concerned about being late. But because of his love for her, he stated a few minutes more to make her happy,putting her curtains back up.
God watch over the grieving families...their grief is forever.
May their pain be in a quiet place.
And may America never forget,
I haven't.
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