Sunday, September 20, 2009

Home to Galena...

Yes, I call it home. It is home. It welcomes us when we walk through the door.

The weather was skies...billowy clouds...acre upon acre of corn and cows. I especially love the bellybanders! I stayed on my eating program (be deliberate!) and was able to eat dinner out twice..shortribs/salad/veggies......We did go on an excursion to Belleview(sp!) Iowa to eat lunch....a recommendation from a townie.....he didn't tell us it was going to be a 4hrs.dining experience! I had a caprese (sp?) salad.. Art had a Rueben....4hrs!!!!! It's a good thing the local framing shop lady directed us to the State made the drive well worth it. Sweeping vista of the Mississippi river.

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  1. Wow! But look at your wonderful photos. And I love the caprese (sp?) salad!


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