Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Thanks to all the wonderful bloggers I read, my creative juices are in hyperdrive. That's a good thing. I love this time of the year...who doesn't? Yesterday was a day of homecaring. I did notice that quite a few things I decorated with from the past, I no longer wanted. Change, always change...refinement. Keep fresh,always be in touch with what you love. Even if it means letting go. Our homes reveal who we are and where we are...I didn't say that, someone else did. 10 years ago, I looked around at my house with this in mind....oh, it was a pitiful thing to it didn't...but yes it did. I began the journey to put things in my home that I loved being surrounded by..even if my family thought I had lost it. Baskets of rocks,shells,,,bells everywhere,old children's books...books of all kinds....pottery. I began to have an inward shift surrounded by things that I paid attention to-that nurtured me. Now it could be no other way.


  1. I LOVE what you did!!! All those lovely little "vignettes" you've created! I have a 10 yr. old house that still has the icky, white builders paint on the walls in many rooms. I know this is a symptom of something but I'm not quite sure what! I never had so much trouble with decorating anywhere else that I have lived. Just can't seem to make decisions on decorating!!!

  2. No wonder I like you so much. We have similar tastes. Your style is beautiful. Reminds me of the little stores we encounter on fall road trips.

  3. Your decorating is beautiful, Sue, as usual. Love all the nature-y things and that "Barney and Vi"...oh my! haha It's all so uplifting and makes me want to get busy around here. Wanted the windows washed first though.

  4. Oh! Yes...the windows! I know what I'm doing today HA!
    So happy you saw my mom and dad...that crow looks just like my kidding...I just fell head over heels when I saw them a few years ago in a store in Galena...that's them! Love mom gets a kick out of them too

  5. Elena...I loved your house too..
    So happy that you express yourself in your home...It took me way too many years to do that....see you are ahead of me....didn't know that did you? you are on the right track!
    Did you know that I'm half Mexican?
    I didn't think there..another connection


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