Monday, September 7, 2009

Sunday Morning

Boy,what a day I had yesterday. It was supposed to be spent in MY garden tidying up. My daughter had other plans. She called Saturday evening and asked us to help her husband (she's pregnant) rescue plants from a beautiful cottage garden in her neighborhood in the City. It was being torn up to lay sod for the new owner's dog.(!) So off we went early Saturday morning, up north, to dig in someone else's yard! By time we got there most of the good stuff had been taken by neighbors, but we were able to rescue,lilies,roses,rue,liatris,cone flowers,coreopsis,ornamental grasses,ferns,irises,lady's mantle and three bushes. Unfortunately,I forgot my camera in the car. So hopefully, I will be able to show you her house and garden after we finished finding homes for all the plants...phew,my back and knees are killing me today.

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