Friday, September 4, 2009


At a Poet's Retreat a few years ago,I was unable to sleep and got up to look out the window as dawn was breaking over Kangaroo Lake. I was feeling unhappy,unhealthy,and lonely. Everywhere at this retreat house were religious symbols,although the retreat was not a religious one. But symbols are powerful. Anyway, that early morning started me on another journey. Dew revealed a labyrinth cut into the grass. It had been mowed down for the season,but in the early morning light and cold,it had been revealed to me. Me, suffering in my 2ND floor room. I had walked labyrinths before with my Artist Way group. So I saw this as a sign, and went out and began to walk the curvy path. There was another woman walking the path. She had been a supporter of one of my poems. "Some people cannot handle powerful things," she said,"You have a talent,and don't you let other people stifle it,now go-walk and let go of what burdens you, and when you reach the center,plant your feet firmly on mother earth and reach for the heavens and let the energy of what you believe in run through you. Walk out and let go,let go,your energy purified. Exit ready for the new direction of your life's journey." That day I had to have a poem work shopped,and she stood up and talked about symbols and their power. "Suz's poem has a powerful image,one I'm sure you won't forget. But it is as powerful an image as "a bunch of shoes" are for Jewish people. Don't shy away from the poem because of it."
I went home changed. I wrote a list of 25 things I desired in my life, then began to check them off...yes, they were all attainable. One of them was fitness. I desired to be fit and to be one in movement with my body.
Today is a workout day. I will be doing Pilate's reformer and weights,followed by some walking. It is a beautiful,sunny morning and I give thanks for it.


  1. Very encouraging, thank you for sharing that. I know what it's like to have people try to stifle husband is a gem, but family stifles talent through lack of encouragment and subtle "passive-aggressive" put-downs. But I like your idea of making a list...I am a list sort of gal anyway...I have a list for everthing. Perhaps I will take baby steps and write down five things today. Your words are very touching!

    Perhaps i'll see you over at "the cottage" later. :)


  2. Growing up, I heard nothing-nothing good,nothing bad. Most of life I lived a role. Then I met a group of women who also were searching. We were not a homogenous group. We couldn't have been more different. But they became my "sisters". We all worked on becoming active in our chosen creative ways. Yes, baby steps. But more than art, I learned about myself. Through collage and journaling I uncovered what I liked and what I desired in my life. But I didn't connect the things in the journal or collages until after my Labyrinth experieince. It was there all along and my 'sisters" saw it, but no one can tell you,you have to click those ruby slippers yourself.
    The journey to change your life is a deliberate one. It doesnt't just happen. Now I feel whole. But believe me, many times I chant "Begin Again"
    Now, if this old dog can just learn some new tricks about blogging. I've jumped in...Did I mention I have a new list of desires?


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