Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who hangs a chandelier in their garden?
I bought it at a going out of business was old looking and rusty-perfect.
It came with three candles.....I left them on. The rest of the arms are filled with birdseed. Everytime I see birds perched all over the chandelier...I run and get my camera....but poof...they're gone before I can snap one shot. This morning..that dang, you know who,(Cooper's hawk) was in my garden...AGAIN....but this time there were feathers all around....and he flew away like a vampire at daybreak.....staring me right in the eye! Poor mourning dove. But this week.......oh it's made me not so worried about the birds....they are all part of the food chain...and yes, my dear husband, I know the hawk has to eat too.
I have many errands to run today. This weekend we are going to Galena (thank God, I need those awesome valleys) Our home there is sacred to me...there is a feeling of being welcomed by the house when you are there. Everyone who goes there says the same is almost magical. But it is still a home that needs looking this trip is filled with to-do things. I'll get some shopping in while I'm there,of course. They have an artist's store there, which I always support. I need some watercolor paper..why not give them my business? I was going to bring my travel paint set...but it has disappeared...actually I think my friend may have stuck it in her bag last time we were at my house for an artist's afternoon.....we made such a was glorious...we painted,collaged and just experimented with stuff. She is wonderful to be around. I'll have to call her and see if my paints jumped into her bag..because she IS the artist!
Let there be wild turkeys
woodpeckers and deer
Chickadees and titmouse
and an owl I can hear
Let there be blue skies
a glorious moon
Let my heart heal from those
gone too soon.
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  1. Love the chandelier! I'd have one too if I could find one. I know about food chain but it doesn't mean I have to agree with it. I'd probably be out there with a water gun trying to save the birdies from the bully birdie.

  2. Oooh forgot to tell you that your place in Galena sounds magical. It's such a magical place to begin with. We ride out there often but I don't remember seeing an art store.

  3. It was Sue's Stamp they have expanded to include paper and paints pencils,charcol,pastels.....
    I tried hosing that bird, but he flew up to my neighbor's chimney and I swear stuck his tongue out at me.

  4. Oh, I love that chandelier too! Judy C. would love it. I will have to print a pix and show her. It's wonderful! You have a wonderful time at your wonderful house and in that art store! Your poem is lovely.

  5. Your backyard is amazing. I could watch the creatures for hours. That Coopers Hawk, bad birdie. The chandelier so creative how you transformed it. Birdies eating in style.
    Someday I want to ride those rolling hills to Galena. It is such an oasis in the middle of corn country Illinois. And the town is so quaint.
    I can just see you riding those hills with your motorcycle. What a trip!

    Suz LOVE YOUR POEM, nice nature poem with an emotional twist at the end!

  6. Gee thanks Bev
    APril...JC would love the chandelier wouldn't she! How about sometime we have a girls weekend in Galena!?!?

  7. Ok I'm in. Hee, hee perhaps I should have waited long enough for you to finish typing the Galena trip thing huh?

  8. love, love, love the chandelier in the garden--and using it as a bird feeder is genius! This is an idea I may need to steal, if I ever find something that works!

  9. genius!? I'm lovin that! thanks


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