Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A cloverleaf in the birdbath...a simple thing really, unless you wonder did it get there..and then you stay for a while..who knows how long thinking..and one thought leads to another and the sun warms your skin and your heart is warm also because it was still and asked questions that didn't really matter to anyone else but your spirit..sometimes it is just the asking of questions that is found gold

a thing floating in water
by happenstance

how did it get there
impossible from the ground
maybe stuck to a bird's foot
or dropped from above

but there it is in sunlight
laying in still water
and the lucky thing is
I saw it and was still as it
floating in thought
and that was my pot of gold
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  1. Beautiful thoughts, Suz !
    Nice evening,

  2. So sweet! This makes my whole afternoon.

  3. M.Heart nice to return the favor

  4. Words that flow and words that touch the spirit...this is a beauty and lucky you!

  5. you are one "lucky" lady. how is the weather in your part of the world?

  6. it is hot 97..buttttttttttt...we have a rain delay at SOx Park.Cellular Field...we had scout seats....:(...we ate drank and came home...the game still hasn't started

  7. These are moments I love! No reason for being...just being! I can learn a lot from that! Beautiful thoughts!

  8. Deep, deep thoughts.
    Lovely, lovely.
    You are the gold.


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