Wednesday, July 21, 2010

They arrive at 10:45 tonight
such a long day for them to come and see grandma
and grandpa. Everytime the littleguy has come
he's been sick..everytime
He just turned 2...I can't wait to get to know him
I hear he loves books....good start
and the little miss,why she's 3 1/2
and I missed her dance recital all the way in Laguna beach
Skype can only do so much
they need arms around them and kisses on their cheeks
and an old lap to sit on
and a whole lot of fussing over
and cooking together,and helping grandma water
and prayers at bedtime and a tuck in at night
and oh in the morning... I can't wait to hear
"Where you grandma?"



  1. Oh Suz, I so hear you. Have a great time, I couldn't think of anything better than having my little ones here. and you are right Skype can only do so much, and not only them, but we also need to have hugs and kisses from them.

    My Grandchildren live in Utah, half a world away.

  2. How wonderful to have them with you. Have a lovely time, Suz.

  3. Oh you are going to have so much fun and then you're gonna be exhausted! Enjoy.

  4. Utah! oh my how did that happen..we moms should make our children sign binding documents that when they have little ones..they have to be at least on the continent!
    Hi Ellie...already I'm in love head over heels again
    Hi Buffy..oh yeah and the house will be a mess one big toy store

  5. That sounds like exhausting fun - have a great time with them!

  6. My mom has 13 grandchildren, Suz, and boy does she eat them up. I know you'll have a wonderful visit.

  7. Where is grandma? Maybe I would love to read more...

  8. How special to have these little ones right there with you...oh the loving!

  9. Oh Suz, look at those eyes!
    Hold em and kiss em and hug em and smell em, and then be sure to bottle some up for the long lonely days that will follow.

    Have a wonderful visit!

  10. how sweet! sounds like fun and busy time ahead

  11. sweet! hope you have a marvelous time with them...

  12. You describe grandparenting must be the best on the block. Your GrandLoves are so fortunate to love you.

  13. Words from the heart. Have a great time.

  14. what fun! scoop them up and nibble on their ears whenever you can, suz!


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