Friday, July 2, 2010

The last time I sketched was with the plein air group that met last summer.
I was invited this year to come along,but if you have read my blog within the last month
not much time to pencil anything pun intended.
 This was my first attempt at drawing buildings. ICK! I have always avoided buildings...give me a tree or flower.
Perspective...I never got it. But I remember just sitting across the street from this building in Riverside
on my little drawing stool and just starting...there is much that is way off, but I am happy that I was able to get anything down that resembled perspective. If you look closely and if you know me, you'll see what "drew" me to this scene to sketch.
...the sign in the window...."This place matters" Seems that the city wanted to tear this building down and the citizens rose up to save it. It was spared as of this drawing, but with the economy tanking I hope it is still there..
But the writer in me loves a good thought...This place mm....yes
everything matters...
Yep, I drew the sign..the buildings were fill in

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  1. Who needs perspective...cameras for that!Your piece has charm reminding me of Van Gogh's early drawings. I know perspective and heart is the goal here...I especially like the street markings...good line work!

  2. Suz, you did a great job !
    This is beautiful !
    Nice weekend,

  3. Your sketch is incredible, Suz. I think it's stunning. Love the sign.

  4. Awesome Suz, perspective is so hard! "This place matters" I love it.

  5. I often wish that I could sketch. The best I can do is a cartoon doodle of a face. Oh well. You did a beautiful job.

  6. Well I love this and I'm glad you shared. Love the lantern, the front grass, the little tufts, the leaning signs and the windows. You did a fantastic job on the door. This place matters.
    I love that. Great story.
    Draw more!

  7. Soooooooooooo charming, nicely done Suz....Hugs, Amy


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