Thursday, July 22, 2010

someone was messing with grandma's zen garden

and I rewarded them by putting up the slip and slid
despite grandpa

and little miss loved my lillies
....kiss up



  1. At the risk of kissing up...I love your lillies too! LOL!
    Thank you so much for your kindness, it has made me smile many a time!
    I'm waiting for the day I can put the slip n' slide out for my grandkids!!!


  2. Dena...thank you..and what is that color on those lillies? so pretty this year...or maybe it's just seeing them through little miss's eyes

  3. suz, this beautiful blog was just recommended to me by artpawn. I am so surprised and delighted by it. beautiful pictures and poetry. can't believe how big the kids are! and so gorgeous, well I can believe that. love the pic of the dove on the birdbath. do you have a pic of mr. darcy?
    why doesn't grandpa like the slip and slide? he should be on there with them. krg

  4. What a great day to share a Slip and Slide, your zen garden AND your wonderful red lilies. I love them too. Can I come slip and slide...I never have.

  5. Sounds as though you and the grands are having a fine time! Storing up memories!

  6. KRG! Mr. Darcy..yes..another cat..but he's so cute. pictures next week ..That Artpawn..don't you just love her...Grandpa hates the grass getting know the type..thanks for visiting me..really a treat!
    Dar..if you go I'll go...They had so much fun! and it just broke my heart with joy to be there and see it
    Vicki Lane..yep memories

  7. Ah....I may be old but even I enjoyed Slip n Slide back when they first came out. By Whamo!

    And I got a grin from the Zen..... Yup. Someone got a bit carried away!


  8. Hi Rick..glad your back..poems please

  9. Everyone seems to be having a fine time. And what are Zen gardens for if not for messing up.

  10. Wouldn't you love to know what went through their minds when they saw a sandbox with rocks and a rake in Grandma's house?

    Must be mindblowing to a kid:)


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