Saturday, July 31, 2010

I love Joe Pye Weed,but it is a sign that summer is on the wane.
Yesterday I heard a bagger at the grocery store talking about having to register for school and buy books.
That's really when it hit me...this summer really is coming to an end.
I mentioned this to my husband this morning as I inspected the garden for storm damage,
as it had rained so hard all night,lightening and thunder included.
"Oh summer is almost over," I lamented to him.
...He looked at me like I was a dumb blonde.
"There's August, that's summer,duh?" he said sipping his coffee that I had made him this morning.

...Some people are not poets or writers, they don't see things through the eyes of agony.

"No, it's almost over, the bagger at the Jewel is buying school books, it's over."

...This man will never understand my delicate nature.

But it is true, no matter how hard I wish it, the season is gearing up to move on.
...Maybe throwing a few parties before it skips town so we can have a few more hot dogs on the grill
and dip our pinkies in the pool or pick a few last flowers for the vase on the kitchen table,
but she has given notice...signs...she's leaving soon.

"Besides," he says, "Fall is nice... cooler weather, colorful leaves,bonfires,apple pie,migrating birds...."

FALL! He dared to say it.

FALL is just a temptress tricking us
into not noticing that WINTER is just under her skirt!
The man knows how to ruin my morning.
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  1. You made me smile. Just a little exchange, two people right here, just now, but oh, how different. Who can say, what is best? I love them all, a set complete! And I look forward to each season. Right now, it rains each afternoon, the ground is sticky to the feet, no hiking now, but soon with the autumn moon. Take heart. I don't know the Joe Pye Weed, I don't think it grows where I have lived in the South or the West? But I like it too.

  2. this was a marvelous journey through your morning and your heart! you'll have to excuse me since i am in agreement with your hubby about how nice the fall will be BUT i understand what you're saying!!! as kids, we didn't go back to school until after labor day and we were released the first week in june...not so much nowadays :( my grands start on wednesday and hubby's first day is monday...the grands are loving that he's in school before they are!
    take heart, dear one...the calender says it's summer until september and i know that isn't so ;) better get out there while you can, suz!

  3. Hee hee! I was thinking the same thing since my son starts 7th gr in a few weeks. Where did it go? And I can't believe you had a storm. You're not that far from me and we only got a few sprinkles. And yep, it's ok to FEEL more. That's why your writing is so prolific.

  4. I just luv you all
    my peeps

  5. Gotta say, I'm with your husband. By now summer seems like a worn out party girl with her makeup smeared and her hair all whichaways. Time for her to move on...

  6. SHHHHHHHH! You watch your tongue woman! In my world it is summer until the leaves change and that won't be for several weeks!
    Remember, 1 day a time, and today it is still summer.
    P.S. I am avoiding the Back to School isles.
    Now go swim in that pool:)

  7. to me it is goldenrod. and i saw the first last weekend. not quite blooming yet but almost there...
    and i so share your feelings about august and the end of summer and winter (boo) lurking just around the corner

  8. Sorry guys, check out my blog. Spring lambs and daffodils, early but here nonetheless.

    But Summer not officially with us til December so we still have cold,wet stormy weather ahead. You my dears have Autumn, my favourite season.

  9. "Delicate nature", indeed! I love it!

  10. We ARE kindred spirits! My dear one is just like yours. He has no vision and is easily irritated by suggestion one minute, and when he sees he may have hurt my heart, he can be full of ideas to try to fix what is too late to fix. I agree about's too soon to think about it, let alone say it out loud. And then we make the best of what we chose because we truly love them.

  11. I'm lovin' the idea that Fall is right around the corner. It is my favorite of all the seasons. Summer is just way too hot here and it makes it so uncomfortable to work in every day. Thank goodness for air conditioned trucks! Am lovin' your latest poems, Suz. You are getting so good at it. It is a joy to read this stuff. I have to say that I think I love what you do with poetry the best. It just might be your niche.

  12. hey, Suz, and you know how to ruin mine!

    Summer's over? it's hardly begun here. August and September are often our best months.

    And don't you dare to mention 'winter' again. Not for a long time!

  13. Teri thank you...did you say JOY?!
    now that was real nice you are the one getting our summer...enjoy her when she comes...I guess I'll open the door for your winter and fall when the old geezers arrive ...what else can I do?

  14. I love fall. But your definition is right, I guess. I know it doesn't last long enough. But then...neither does Spring - as all of a sudden out of the blue she "springs" the heat waves.

  15. Ah I am ready for fall! I have started my "late summer" (aka fall) decorating already :)

    AND -I thought the challenge on HGTV Design Star was definitely a step in the right direction last night. I liked the Tuscan kitchen. But still, I was by no means really blown away or impressed, and I still feel like I don't understand any of the designers' points of view. I think they will have a hard time getting a great star out of this season! What did you think?

  16. Summer is sure not coming to an end where I live. It's hot, humid and its not fall until Sept 22. Seems like a lot of summer left to me yet. :-)

  17. First of all, your hubbie is an absolute doll! But I'm with you..I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to fresh flowers in the vase...not yet.


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