Thursday, July 8, 2010

There is something about still water...any water.
I wish I had a pond in my backyard. I am drawn to its life...herons,frogs,turtles,dragonflies,cattails. Yesterday while walking through the garden I stopped to enjoy this reflection in the birdbath.
I love reflections too, in water...especially the sky.
Sometimes I go outside when its drizzling a bit..just to look at the water in the birdbath..the ripples and circles. I remember throwing rocks into the lagoon at McKinley park in the City...watching the ripples and circles...sometimes getting a rock or two to skip across the water.
Always a fascination with water. ...still water. It stops me. I go within staring at it,my mind drifting off to unconnected thoughts that seek release. As I was looking into this water my nose caught the smell of some sweetness in the air that I can't identify, but it is the smell of a hot summer garden. The magic fragrance that transports me to places of the heart....of fun times in childhood. It whiffs and waffs through the air...floating over my memory....
This too, will be a memory, sweet summer memory,standing in my garden wishing for a pond,enjoying the reflection in the birdbath,catching the fragrance of summer,remembering my childhood..yes this too I will someday enjoy as a stirring of the heart
Things I gather everyday to have inside me. Life is for savoring...for dipping our days into joy and beauty and laughter...
and of course, M.Heart
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  1. I have the Beatles song in my head now...

  2. I know what you about the water. I feel the same. I love that I have the lake for my morning walks!

  3. Water is very important in the Desert. I never knew, I was a city girl, went to the facet and turned it on. No thought. But now I know better, and hope to live better because I do. Your words about water were very beautiful! Thank you

  4. Suz, I, too, am drawn to's a healer. Thank you for the beautiful words! Oh, your words--like water--they calm me.

  5. Suz,
    I too am drawn to the water. When I,in my kayak, float out into a becalmed river it's like a hypnotic trances infuses me, body and soul, and I'm becalmed also.


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