Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday poem

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Here's mine:


There are some who watch sunshine
across a table, amazed at dust particles
floating aimlessly around the room,
they see lost souls or endless regret.
And there are those who dress
in front of a funhouse mirror
unaware of the fractured distortions
that go on and on.

I sit holding a hot cup of coffee,
steam rising over my hands,
they become my father's hands...
just like this he held his cup,steam
rising from him
many a morning.

The clock down the hall chimes 8,
like the bells of St.Mary's,
 that ring in me from my childhood,
that church across the street
where I thought God lived,
and always wondered why
He never walked over
and made it better.



  1. Wow - very powerful. The God business is quite a conundrum - even to a church goer like me. I like to say I have a love/hate relationship with God.

  2. i felt a lot of sorrow in this as you reflected on troubled times...your last two lines are a very strong finish...thanks for sharing at One Shot...cheers Pete

  3. thanks are truly a soul sister
    Pete,I'm old enough to make sense of it now..but I still do see dust particles as lost souls..poet's eye I guess

  4. A wonderful poem Suz, especially those last lines. I used to grapple with that a lot, God definitely felt confined to church buildings for me for a long time.

  5. Very nice, moving poem. For me, God is in the wind, trees, birds, clouds and rain. In other words, Nature's church.

  6. God as always been there for me. Not to keep the bad times away but to help me through them.

  7. oh snap...power ending there...also like the fun house mirror image...very nice. thanks for linking up to oneshot!

  8. This is beautiful for many reasons but mostly taking the reader in to an of poems soon?

  9. Mary Ann glad you found something in this one to be still on...
    I'm long past thinking about a book,I'd rather blow them into the wind like dandelion seeds...sprouting everywhere

  10. Love it - as children, we do wonder where God is - always beleiving in those bells...we find later that He is everywhere we have to meet him half way across that street of life..bkm

  11. this is amazing. every line is abosuletly beautiful but my favorite image is the hands clasped around the coffee cup and the memories that brings...

  12. bkm ..yes I believe that and yes children do wonder sometimes...and sometimes as adults too..but that's okay with God
    Soundoffreedom..has this ever happened to you..something suddenly transcends the moment
    So glad I caught an image! thanks

  13. i have a coffee moment like that every now and then.

    Thank you for lighting it up with this poem.

  14. Like how the poem connects projections of past, present, and future. Great images in speculations too. "steam rising over my hands,
    they become my father's hands.." awesome writing.

  15. so much to take in with those few words. Reflections of all that is right and distorted in the world

    Nicely done Suz

    Thanks for joining us for One Shot Wednesday

    Love form the Moon

  16. You speak to my heart...and soul.

    Thank you.

  17. A flower pot, a vase you made
    When you wrote you rhyme
    To hold those flowers of time
    Upon it dust mites light
    As the sun reflex it dulling shine
    Your father’s hands were hard and bold
    As you hand on the cup reminds
    The hall chimes like the bells of St. Mary’s
    Washed away those times

  18. That's beautiful, and so clear, "well said." What is your secret?

  19. thank you desk 49..(who has desk 50 or desk 48?) anyway thank you for showing me the vase shape..I hadn't seem it. glad you connected with the poem in some way...we all take away our own meaning to a poem...really we do...I guess that's why poets don't want to explain...they just want it to land ..thank you
    Annell...oh my ..what that implies...thank you...anyone got a tissue?

  20. I agree - sometimes I don't understand as well why God just does not walk over to make it better...but sometimes he flies in last minute and changes everything

  21. Wow, fabulous! Glad to make acquaintance w/ your words!


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