Saturday, July 10, 2010

Going to a political event tonight at the Columbian Yacht club.
We will get an awesome view of Chicago's skyline and of Navy Pier,where at dusk fireworks will be set off.
I don't know about where you live, but Illinois is a sorry state. Spend and tax...and we are broke despite all the revenue enhancers they have come up with.

Why am I going then? An old friend's son has invited us.
He's running..thinks he can change things..make a difference
..we used to think that too..forty years ago
nothing's changed...and now Chicago politics has gone to Washington
there...I said it.
Tonight when the fireworks go off I think I will be the only one
who will have a sense of sadness for it all.

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  1. i so understand what your saying about the state of this beautiful nation. i hope that you manage to have a great time tonight and more than that, that if he is elected, he might really make the difference we need!!

  2. It is a beautiful nation Sheri...
    I'll try...and a glass of merlot will help

  3. Michigan is about the same........except for this glorious Grand Traverse region. We seem to be free of the recession,the area grows and grows. So fortunate we are and yet so aware of what's going on outside us.Life is like an apple,if you take a bite,you just want more!

  4. Illinois is a're absolutely right. Especially when it comes to the issue of jobs...oh, did I bring that up again? I seriously have a one-track mind...

    Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the view of our spectacular skyline...I'm lucky enough to see it out my back door (a bit in the distance, but still spectacular!)

  5. I sometimes get to the point when I need to go on a self imposed "fast" from the news.Works wonders.

    Love your rocks, I think I'm missing a few:)

  6. Suz,
    It's the repeating the same mistakes generaration after generation that is so disconscerting to me.


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