Saturday, July 31, 2010

you know, I actually followed this movie.
hubby hated it
like I said...he's different...he doesn't write



  1. i've been wanting to see didn't say if you liked it or not? lucky you, at least your guy will go with you!! i sure love me some matinees though and hope to start seeing a few movies outside of the house in the very near future :)
    you leave the most encouraging comments, suz, i can't thank you enough for all your kindness!!

  2. the special effects look amazing to tv.....

  3. I've heard mixed opinions from people but most have enjoyed it.

  4. I've heard some fairly negative reviews, which means I'll probably really like it.

    You said you "actually followed this movie..." I hope it's not some claptrap of abstraction like the Matrix movies! Jeez, I NEVER understood that nightmare!!


  5. We almost saw it but decided to watch SALT because I've got a bad 'girl-crush' on Angelina Jolie. Just love her. The movie was great!

  6. Rick, just let me say... don't sneeze
    or you'll miss which level dream you are watching..:0

  7. I saw the trailer for this a couple of weeks back, and was thoroughly confused. However, the special effects looked amazing. We are going on Tuesday, so I'll let you know what I (and OH) thought of it then!

  8. I want you to know this writer.

    Nordlysdottir's Blog - [ Translate this page ]
    Brødet latteren mellom dei. Et dikt av Åse Lilleskare Faugstad ..... some special way of loving her, but of coming to your own special way of loving her. ... - Cached

    I think you will like her so much!

  9. Suz
    I gave you the link, but I don't know if that works? Her name is Ase Lilleskare Faugstad you can google her.

  10. Annell, thank you I shall go and try to find her..sounds like an adventure

  11. Annell I sort of found her but none of her work


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