Thursday, July 29, 2010

sits beside me
an unwelcomed guest
who has nailed me to this spot
doesn't care that I have things
to do and places to go
she has placed
blue lead around my heart
Tomorrow,she says
she will go tomorrow
then takes my hand
locks it into hers
and gives it a squeeze
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  1. Good morning Suz!
    This is quite a thought provoking piece! How many times have I been there? Many.

  2. Best line for me: "she has placed blue lead around my heart"...what a tremendous weight! beautifully expressed...melancholy.

  3. Oh wonderful women who have walked this path.. I passes..I know..but I appreciate tribeswomen beside me

  4. It's so frustrating that this is delilitating. I make plans & melancholy just shuts me down. Sigh. Lovely way to express this.

  5. i could have written something like this today (not so beautifully, though) albeit for different reasons

  6. Shut all the windows and door, don't let her in! For different reasons, or all the same -- but she is there as we breath in and out. She travels our interior space, she knows our weaknesses. Perhaps we just take the whole damn thing too seriously, but of course -- it is. Sometimes there is no way to avoid her, or maybe it would be easier to honor her, then she might be more forgiving. One becomes an expect and knows all about her. I hope tomorrow she will go away, or remain quiet in the shadows, you you won't even know she is there. Really beautiful poem, I wish I had written it. Wonderful!

  7. What perfect words to go with that really cool photo.
    I am blessed that I don't often feel like that.

  8. this was excellent, suz!! and i know 'her' very well myself but i never could have brought the poetic beauty that you did to the was perfection!!

  9. Annell...I think honoring her is about right...she has a purpose..oh..and she doesn't come in through the door..she rises from within us
    Happy doesn't happen to me that often...but when she sits beside me...I know
    Sheri...oh sweetie, I know you can be awful...Thank you for being so kind with your words
    you inspire me

  10. Such powerful writing...I think we can all relate to this piece.
    Love the picture you chose!

  11. I know her too. . . she arises from that great subconscious realm where we are all one, up through each of us at certain times, where she takes her place beside us and gently holds our hand. All things have purpose, melancholy too.

    Such beautiful writing Suz about something universal and archetypal.

    I echo what Annell said. . .I wish I had written this. x

  12. Beautiful - an old familiar, melancholy. What you do with words is amazing, really amazing. Thank you!


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