Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wednesday poem


She called to apologize
and I heard in her voice
that it was enough
for her to say she was sorry
But how do you get back
every milkweed seed
that has blown in the wind?



  1. snap. love the image of the milkweed in the wind...and so true, how do you get them back in once they are out...

    oneshot will open at 5 pm EST....thanks for playing!

  2. Very cool! Just like ripples in the water.

  3. The question is strong....and seems to linger....or perhaps it is my own? I hear an echo, "you don't." I think somehow it has the substance of the "wind."

  4. I guess we have to learn to live with the naked milkweed stem.

  5. Yes, please tell me how to collect all the scattered milkweed seed and make it the same??

  6. Beautiful words, Suz !
    And a lovely picture !
    Nice week,

  7. sigh... this was beautiful
    and yes, some things can never return to the way they were and when the substance is gone...

  8. Oh wow -- what a wonderful keeper. What a story it tells, and what truth in that question -- the picture is lovely too.

  9. Gee thanks Brian
    Annell...you are right ..you don't
    Elena..yes..ust like ripples..try to catch one of those
    Bug..that is an awesome line!
    Blue Skies..there is no "how'
    Juliana..thanks..and a sigh..thanks!
    Susan...big truth..thanks

  10. Very true and meaningful..
    have a great week.

    Well done. thanks for visiting.

  11. This is so true - how can you take back words once they have been spoken.

  12. Great imagery with the milkwood seed. This is one of your best! Loved it.

  13. You are a poet through and through, Suz. I love the metaphor of the floating milkweed seed...like all the stupid things I've said (or done!) that I can't undo. Loved it!

  14. You don't. But, oh, I've often wished I could. Great sentiment, perfectly expressed, Suz.

  15. Suz, this is another one for my "Suz Favorites"! Just fantastic!!!


  16. Nana & Marilyn..no you can't take back words that are out there..thanks
    Goldenbird..beautiful..why thanks
    Ellie..ah Milkweed seeds..it does fit doesn't it...thanks
    Red...Poems are to be given away...
    and taken to heart if they speak to you..
    C.L...ah teach..thanks..
    Relyn...you...with the poet's heart..you understand..thanks for your kind words
    Rick..coming from you..wow

  17. So sad, but a fact of life...and you so eloquently captured it in your poem. Well written my friend ~ Amanda

  18. this is an incredible in few words...the milkweed seed...I grew up on a farm in the Midwest and you rekindled my memory of the them in the fall...great read...bkm

  19. buttercup600..thanks Amanda..some things remain forever out there
    Bkm..A farm? lucky you..vast fields yes...thanks for your kind words

  20. Powerful, Suz. I LOVE this!!

  21. Hi, I have been away for a week and am catching up on all the great posts at One Stop....

    this was so well expressed, reminded me of the damage we do to others and as much as we try we can never out it right again..cheers Pete


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