Saturday, July 17, 2010

I just joined in another writing challenge over at
Her challenge was to use the words

Use these words in a story of 100 words or less and to guess the theme. This challenge is posted on her blog in the comment section. So if you want to read mine you'll find it there as soon as she checks it over. The challenge closes tonight and she selects one she thinks is best. Remember last time I posted too late and had to post my story about the prostitute on my blog? Well this time I think I got it posted right...we'll see, if not I'll post it tomorrow..for those of you who are kind enough to want to read it.
Why all these writing challenges you may ask. It's  the thrill of the hunt for me. ...finding the story within someone else's confines.  Forcing myself to edit out unnecessary figure out a beginning a middle and an end within the guidelines.  And the thrilling thing for me is how this happens...I don't know.
But it does. Somehow my brain finds a story...often with my resistance..I don't want to write's funny..or it's creepy..or it's horrifying or too sentimental...but the story writes itself...I am the scribe.


  1. I didn't read all of the entries, but of those that I did read, I liked yours the best. Missing in Minnesota!

  2. thanks what do you think really happened to him?

  3. And we are lucky to be able to read what you write!!

  4. Happyone...why thanks...that is so sweet of you...

  5. I just read your story - sorry you didn't win. I really liked it! I like the idea that maybe she won.

  6. Bug,she did and thanks for going to the trouble of finding it in all those stories....I think it was a fun exercise


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