Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chicago...Lake Michigan..near Navy Pier
July 2010....still a miracle when I see one

It poured down from heaven
fractured into color
for a brief time
for us to see once again
the promise



  1. That is beautiful - words and photo!!

  2. and every time i see it i remember...nice.

  3. Beautiful photo !
    Nice evening,

  4. Wonderful words and picture -- 'light fractured into color' -- wow!

  5. suz, what a stunning photograph of the it someplace you've been?? i love the stark and mundane colors of the boats and sky...they make the colors of the bow almost burst in comparision!
    and your poem...incredible and warm! i'm not sure if it really is based on your life, your dad, or your church but your words made me believe every single one of them is true to your heart's memory. i can't help but ask if you still wonder why God didn't come over? that line was both sweet and heartbreaking to read...

  6. Sheri it's dad had an awful temper..but he was a good man and loved us..but sometimes his anger crossed the line..enough said..but when I discovered the miracle of poetry I started seeing things differently..I saw with my emotional questioning eye..and my poet's eye grew..sort of my third eye..and I see things in words...and yes, I did wonder about God sometimes growing up...But rest your little wondering heart...God is always with me and I have an abiding love for Him who is love

  7. Amen, and WHAT a PROMISE...
    reading prior entries, I see your heart is on your sleeve, so wide open with honesty.
    God is a wonder, isn't He, and it's so wonderful we can ALWAYS turn to Him...and as we wonder, we remember, It it is meant to be...
    I wept

  8. I am not sure why, but the picture, followed by the post made me cry. It is so beautiful.

    I take so much for granted.

  9. I see this as a beginning-again image. It so reminds me of "home." Of course it is after a shower, but I remember hot sunny days, the wind coming in off the bay, friends, and love. Thank you for giving me this little opening to my past.

  10. opening...that sounds like an adventure ...rainbows are always magic....there were 20 people behind me taking pictures of this fleeting event

  11. i get all crazy when i see a rainbow though there hasn't been a rain!

    the promise --- yay God!!!!

  12. A promise of hope, of beautiful things to come...

  13. is a pleasure to hear that

  14. Was this last Saturday?? I happened to be in Wrigleyville during the "sun showers" and saw the rainbow as I headed home down Lakeshore Drive. It was one of the most intense I have ever seen!!!
    Your photo is beautiful!!

  15. yes it was and we were at the Columbian yacht was a heartstopper wasn't it? a CUB fan! no way

  16. Beautiful words, beautiful image. It looks so surreal. I remember painting with art friends on the Columbian Yacht club boat during the day. It was mind-blowing. Thanks for sharing this inspirational post. It's starting my day off right!
    Wow, you have really been writing up a storm. I see your passion.

  17. thanks is enough for me to post these tidbits of writing...thank God I don't have to earn a living writing I would starve....I like to write...the challenges of these memes and that is enough...but I still am working on a book...I think it will end when I die


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