Friday, October 9, 2009

And Handsome makes three

Actually, Handsome makes four...but Ms. Kitty O'Shea wouldn't be caught dead looking at the deadbeat outside. She leaves that to the lesser kitties of the household,Webster and AbigailPosted by Picasa


  1. I enjoy reading your many posts. I too feel the urge to post several a day, perhaps from now on as the creative energy within continues to escalate.
    Yes, I remember standing at this window with my camera looking at owls and Handsome. Good memories of a nature day. LOVE the names of the cats. They seem a story in and of themselves.

  2. I've been thinking about that day when you cameover with your was fun. I keep wishing the owls will return. Do youthink they will? And, oh..the robins are hoo...I so love to hear and see them...just about my favorite birds....But I know they must leave. I love reading people's posts...I think everyone has a sure do and I love reading are the happiest artist I know (besides April of course)


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