Friday, October 23, 2009

Shadows and Light

I was up before the birds,before Handsome showed up at the door dripping wet. Early, so early I had to put a light on.
Something is brewing in me. I have been rolling around a story idea in my head. It won't leave me alone. A ghost story. I have always wanted to write a ghost story. But hasn't every ghost story been told? How to make it new?
The monthly open mic is next Tuesday. Sometimes I work best under pressure. But I can't get my mind to focus. Ah,the mind doesn't want to focus. It brews. At least in this writer's mind.
Well, last night I dreamt about a house with 13 windows. Actually, it was a house I pass 3 days a week on my way to Pilates. It is up for auction. I have paused to look at it each day. It's covered in green shingles with brown windows. It does sort of call to me to notice it everytime. Is that why it found its way into my dream?
So, this morning, with a cup of coffee in hand and the light on in the dark room,I looked up to my tree of life sculpture on the wall, and it looked sinister. You can't see, but there are carved rocks,with faces, on the sideboard. One black, one white. Can you feel the brew going on in my head? Now, to only figure out the story.
I guess I will just have to pick up the paintbrush and load it with words and hit the canvas of white.

Oh, I have an update on Handsome, my feral cat. Last night he actually stepped foot into my camera nearby! He was soaked and very hungry. Maybe this winter I can get him in. Maybe he has resigned,given up,given in to my love. He ate then scutted out the door. As I closed the door, I spotted the possum coming out of Handsome's shelter...the one I put a heated cat pad into. I don't know if I told you about this fella...he's injured...his paw is hurt. For two days there were bloody paw prints on my deck. He sniffed around an empty food bowl then went back inside. Handsome went over to the shelter and looked in....then left. What a good kitty.
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  1. I feel the inspiration. Just look at it! And to dream about that house with all those windows!

    And oh so happy about Handsome!

  2. Ooh a ghost story. And I love that line 'pick up the paintbrush and load it with words and hit the canvas of white'. I am not a writer but I love words and as you know I have text in everyone of my paintings. I literally hit the canvas with words hehehe.

  3. yeah you Do Uta!
    Maybe I'll put that in the story!

  4. You're brave to do open mic night! I was always too shy. I hope that spooky story takes form on the page for you. You're kind to feed and provide warmth for Handsome. Hope that possum is okay.

  5. Poor little kittie. How sweet to be able to take care of the little one. I hope he heal fast.

    Your story sounds fun and spooky. The house you pass three times a week sounds interesting.

    Have a nice evening.


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