Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today on a walk I spotted this old fella hiding near the shore. He took a look at me then went about his business. The herons are getting very common in urban ponds...that's a joy for me. I've seen the night heron here also. A cute little bugger. Now that I'm a blogger I take my camera everywhere. Visuals are everything. I like to show you what I see and how I see it and what stirs in me when I see it. These magnificent birds are a glorious simple ordinary pleasure. Dozens of cars drove by and there were dozens of people in the park. I wondered how many noticed the bird. I know they noticed the crazy blonde taking pictures of who knows what. I wanted to tell a young girl about the bird hiding along the shore. But we can't talk to kids anymore. When I walked away I turned around and saw her walk over to the point where I was standing, and look. I hope she saw.  Posted by Picasa


  1. Ooh, I love herons, too. Is that a Great Blue Heron? It's so fun to come acrosss them.

    I smiled when I saw your list of favorite movies on your profile ... I love Shirley Valentine and Enchanted April, and a whole bunch of other movies you have listed there, too.

  2. Somehow that does not surprise me and now you know I'm an old beauty..heheh and there have been times in my life I wanted to run away to Greece and discover the girl I measured myself against turned out to be a -----...heheh..lesson:the assumptions we made and still make
    I'll get around to the other lists soon....yes that was a Great Blue Heron...and then there is that section where I have to tell you something about myself....
    So glad we visit

  3. Beautiful pics and story about the little girl. Without words you taught her to 'see' the world. You've been teaching me to 'see'. Thank you!


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