Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Farmer's Oak Tree

Back from Galena with tons to do. Tonight is open mic up north in the city. I haven't finished my ghost story...actually, I've hit a wall with it. I put it away and dug out some old work to read tonight. I'm reading my micro fiction story "Barbedwire and Black Polish" and a short short story called,"Following Mother",which is a funny story about two sisters who think their mother has joined a cult, so they decide to follow her one night. The micro story is about two women in a nail salon. It also has a funny edge.
I would have preferred to have written and read an honest to goodness ghost story. It seems most of my writing in fiction is funny. I hate that. I don't start out that way..it just happens. I do actually crack myself up...but I want my writing to be more serious. Swimming against the current I fear. It doesn't help that my printer isn't working. I should relax and realize that people like funny at open mics. My writer girlfriends are going with me and reading their micor fiction stories. B wrote the most amazing witch story. It has an amazing twist to it at the end....which is what a micro story should have...not easy to do in 300 words. It should be a fun evening. There is going to a featured writer tonight. An incredible poet from Indianapolis. A few months ago I heard her read her poetry...it was hilarious. When I talked with her after open mic she said she reads the funny stuff at open mics. So I guess it's going to a funny night.
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  1. Hope all went well at the open mic tonight, Suz. Your stories sound great ... hey, how about posting one here? :o)

  2. Love all your lovely photos! Wow, beautiful country! Have a fun open mic evening.


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