Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Charles the Only

                                                My mom rescued him from PAWS


  1. Your Charles looks a lot like my Tolouse! Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  2. I have a Charlie, too, but he is a tabby. Charlie is a great name for a cat ... I call him Char-Char, Charlies, Chuck, Prince Charles, and more. Lots of possibilities.

  3. Goldenbird, this Charles has extra names also. Chuckie poo...Brat...His fussiness
    They told her at PAWS that he was around 8yrs old
    Poor Kitty can't tell us about his journey

  4. Charles looks like my Zep, also from Paws (2 yrs ago). In fact, I may have seen Charles a few weeks ago when my wife and I were looking for a dog there.

    (By the way, I found your blog from a comment you left on "Resonance of Doris"


  5. Wow! A man comment! Yippee!
    Visit again
    Maybe you adopted one of our rescued kittens..I can only hope


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