Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last flowers of summer..goodbye

I am surprised that they have lasted this long. I am tempted to bring them in,but I won't...part of enjoying the seasons is knowing when to let go...and I have learned that lesson. It is time to clean off the deck, wash pots and get ready for winter. I do this with a happy heart today.
All around my neighboorhood people are getting into autumn...pumpkins everywhere,colored leafed wreaths on doors,cornstalks,hay bales, a few witches, ghosts, and bats hanging from trees....I'm in love.
Life is full of magic if we only open our eyes and see that it exist in the ordinary.
Has your heart ever ached from a sunrise...mine did this morning. Glory.
Have you ever looked up at the sky and saw clouds so vast and wide that you knew where the great spirit lives....majesty
Have you ever looked at a bare tree with all of its reaching and bending branches and thought of them as angels...Everywhere
Have you ever looked at still water then it moved and you thought how one word can make a prayer....comfort
Have you ever had a stranger smile at you at just the right time and you were visited by a messenger of God...uplifting
So many things out there that go unseen by way too many folks...
So as I'm cleaning up the yard today I will be on the lookout for more magic in ordinariness of fallen leaves and nutty squirrels, and yes even in the flight of that darn hawk as he sees me in his restaurant.
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  1. My frown must be clouding my view lately. Your words are uplifting. YOu sound so at peace. Cool!

  2. Hi Suz,
    Your post here has so much poetry within it. Please pull it out and submit it! It is worthy of so many eyes and hearts to view!
    Yes, to see the beauty in the ordinary of life is such a treasure!And the hawk's point of view cracks me up!
    By the way,
    I enlarged my image on my blog a few minutes ago. You are therapeutic to me. I wanted it tiny so others really couldn't see. But now it's bigger and I feel happier in owning the image (and my own physical body too). Thank you, Suz, you are a gem!
    I too needed to come here now. My mood has elevated with your words.

  3. awh geeez tanks
    da boat of youz guys


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