Saturday, October 17, 2009

What a beautiful day!

We don't know how many more days will have like skies,brilliantly colored leaves,burning bushes..whatever your plans were for today....step outside and enjoy this glorious autumn day if only for a few minutes. Take in deep breaths..connect with Ham Sa.
I was inspired by my sweet friend April to look at leaves...really look at them. I was wonder struck by her simple watercolor paintings of them...holes and all.
So I decided this morning to gather a few myself and give it a try. Now, I'm no April, but I'm happy I dabbled this morning.


  1. I'm honored with your compliments and I'm so happy you dabbled. That's exactly what this kind of painting is. You did great! I took this workshop with a lovely lady one time and she taught us this wonderfully easy method of painting leaves. I will share it with you. Keep on bring those leaves in and press them.

  2. I love this time of year with all the beautiful colors in the fall leaves. The liquid amber in our front yard is bright red. Ohmy so lovely.

  3. Dogwood...I just love that cat's picture! Makes me happy to see him!
    I agree about this time of year...color..color..color..Maybe we get so much..because..LOOK OUT..winter..gray.white,black! Thankfully sometimes the Creator gives us a transfusion of a shot of blue sky...but mostly let us dine on color while it lasts!
    April...why don't you have a class for beginning watercolors..I mean real beginners..with step by step
    like you do in collage? I'm being selfish....too bad!


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